BlockWorld is now FREE!

As of right now, BlockWorld can be downloaded, and played free of charge on Windows 8, forever!

We at 2.0 Studios are pleased to announce this new version of our successful Block-Genre title, for the Windows 8 Store. If you are running Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 you can download it by following this link, and get to building worlds on your Desktop, Laptop or even ARM based tablet like the Microsoft Surface!


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Server Move!

We have moved to a new server for our websites and forums.

This means that all links from http:\\ will no longer function, and there is no way of us patching that up. Instead, access this site via

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BlockWorld v2.3 [Sale Extended]

The sale has been extended from the 26th of September until 4th of October! Click HERE!

BlockWorld can be found on the Windows 8 store right now for only $1.99, instead of $4.99. If you have not already bought BlockWorld, then now is your last chance to take advantage of this low price.The next update is v2.3, which will be launching within the next 14 days and includes a massive collection of improvements and new features!

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BlockWorld, 60% Discount!

For one week only, BlockWorld has been discounted by 60%!


This is a discount of $3 dollars from BlockWorld’s standard $4.99 price on Windows 8! So if you do not already own a copy on Windows 8, go get it now before the 26th of September to take advantage of this limited time offer.

Buy purchasing BlockWorld, you are supporting development of more updates, which include new blocks, third person and advanced graphical effects such as depth of field (Shown below)!


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BlockWorld v2.2 Availible! +Changelog

BlockWorld v2.2 is now live on the Windows 8 store, and can be downloaded right now from here if you do not already own it.

The v2.2 update is a massive content drop that adds dozens of new blocks in four exciting new themes, that includes medieval and modern themed blocks. If you already own it on Windows 8, give it a go and you’ll be astounded at how much you have received in this free update.

See change log after the bump!

What’s coming in v2.3?

Third person!


Yup, our artist has been hard at work on our new player character. On the Xbox 360, we have access to the Microsoft Avatars, so those are used on that platform. However on PC, we now have a range of Avatars we can use, that are custom made and fit the aesthetics of BlockWorld.

This is the next big step towards Multiplayer, so if you have not already purchased BlockWorld for Windows 8, please do soon. The continued sales we’re seeing allow us to develop for this platform.

There is also a collection of new blocks coming, and a complete re-balancing of the game. So after the v2.3 update, BlockWorld will feel different in subtle ways.

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BlockWorld v2.1.1 for Availible! +Changelog


BlockWorld v2.1.1 for Xbox 360 was approved earlier today, and can be played right now!

This change log can be found inside the game as usual, but once again, I’ve added extra detail to this website log. Please post any questions on the forums, we’re happy to answer them.Please note that this change log also includes the v2.1 improvements, not just those from v2.1.1 as we do not release change logs until an update is available. For future update news and information, sign up to our forums and speak to the developers directly.

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Avatar Miner Paintball v1.5 Changelog


Avatar Miner Paintball v1.5 was approved earlier in the week, and can be played right now.

This change log can also be found in game as usual, but I’ve added a little detail to the website version. If you have any questions, don’t forget to check out our forums!

— Added —

  1. New multiplayer map, Ziba Tower. This map is a homage to Battlefield 3 and is quite complex.
  2. Improved sky has better time of day states, fog and textures
  3. Colored game messages.
    1. White is standard stuff like kills
    2. Green is players joining
    3. Red is betrayals and boots, bad stuff.
    4. Orange and Gold are used for sprees and multi-kills
    5. Purple is messages sent by the developers in a game….
  4. Map index description added to lobby
  5. Inventory is re-arranged, with an whole extra empty page ready for updates…
  6. Splash screen was re-designed, to include a loading bar and game logo, not 2.0 logo.

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A Storm of updates!

We have a very very busy release schedule here at 2.0 Studios, so in an effort to get out our updates faster, there will be fewer posts made by us. In addition, when frequent posting resumes, we will be changing the way we do things.

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Oh yes, we updated BlockWorld to v2.0!

This is a massive update, that makes some very substantial improvements to gameplay, and adds quite a few hefty features.

First on the list, we were thinking awesome new Awards that make players work for the new content would be a great idea. Build at deep levels, have 10 friends join or blow a lot of stuff up will all unlock new fences, blocks, and items. Visit the Awards screen, and complete the Award tree to unlock all of the new stairs, blocks and more!

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AMP v1.2 Available! + Changelog +New Lights

Avatar Miner Paintball v1.2 has been approved, and you should update your game immediately! This is a maintenance update that focused on four issues:

  1. Match disconnections induced within AMP are now rare
  2. Code4 during gameplay fixed
  3. Gameplay quirks corrected (read below)
  4. Lost saves from v1.0 Recovered

Smaller, Frequent Updates

This is the second update since launch on the 21st of May, giving us an average of 12 days between updates. We’re working hard to make this pace even quicker, and get more updates out sooner, and make gameplay better with every revision. Looking back a few posts to our forecasts, we’re doing quite well.

Lost Saves are Back

The version v1.1 update corrected a typo in the save file system, that causes save files created in the initial release of AMP to become inaccessible. V1.1 recovers these save files, and puts them where they belong. When they are found, you are notified. :)

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